About Us

About the Faculty of Science

At the School of Science, our researchers and students are interested in studying the fundamentals of the natural sciences. Through education and research, we are on a quest to find the truth hidden in natural phenomena that encompass various scientific disciplines. Humankind’s strong appetite for knowledge fuels our quest and has allowed us to discover many of the fundamental principles and laws underlying numerous natural phenomena. Studying science has deepened our knowledge and awareness, and the infinite depth that can be found in the truth of nature ensures we will continue our quest to unravel the secrets of the natural sciences long into the future.

The School of Science aims to educate and train individuals to contribute to the development of the natural sciences. Our education programs emphasize the development of basic research skills and we aim to foster creativity. With that in mind, our faculty members are actively involved in conducting research to continuously improve the quality of our education programs.

Exploration of the natural sciences has fed mankind’s desire for knowledge and has changed our view of both the world and the universe. At the same time, it has resulted in the development of applied sciences such as engineering, agriculture, and medicine, and has improved people’s lives in various ways. At the School of Science, we strongly believe that due to the intrinsic connections between all these fields, natural science cannot be viewed simply as an ivory tower, but instead plays a central role in all scientific fields.