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Students Counseling Room

Student Counseling Rooms are available for science students.


Room 243, A Building, School of Science

Office Hours

Tue (13:00-17:00), Wed (9:00-13:00)
Fri (10:00-14:00→12:00-16:00)

  • As a general rule, female counselors are present on Tuesdays and Thusday, and male counselors are present on Fridays.


Phone: 052-747-6709 (Available during office hours.)
E-mail: soudan [at]  *Please replace (at) with @.

Note: E-mail from domains such as gmail, mobile carriers, or other free domains may be automatically marked as spam and deleted. To prevent this, please use an e-mail address from domains other than those mentioned above. You will not be notified in case your e-mail could not be delivered.