Study Abroad

Study Abroad

In this new age of a globalizing world, broader cultural experiences, professional development, and language skills are needed to thrive as leaders of next generations. Studying abroad while being in the university gives you a taste on how to develop your "international" experience and linguistic skills; at the same time, it will give you a fresh perspective on your position in this world. While you may feel insignificant about your presence in the world after studying abroad, knowing that will be the first step toward major self-growth in this new world order. In turn, the experience and skills may let you attain a cutting edge to compete here in Japan or elsewhere in the world.

To let you achieve that, Nagoya University offers several "study abroad" programs including various exchange and language training. If you are interested, please participate in some introductory seminar and information sessions sponsored by Study Abroad office at Nagoya University. You can also consult with international student advisors about studying abroad as well. Feel free to stop by at International Student Advising office for a chat.

You may also apply for language training programs by signing up for programs offered by the CO-OP or other private entities during your summer or winter vacations. Please visit the CO-OP to pick up brochures.

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International Student Advisor

Kazunori Ishibashi, Ph.D.

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