[MC, DC enrolled in April 2022] Confirmation of Registered Courses for AY2022 Fall Semester

Sep. 27, 2022

1.Confirmation of Registered Courses on the Web (1st round)
 September 29(Thu) 9am –  October 11 (Tue)

2.Period to Revise Registration on the Web (additions and/or cancellations)
 October 4 (Tue) 9am – October 11 (Tue) 1pm

※Notification Regarding Course Registration Procedures 2022 Fall Semester
※You should register via NU portal if you wish to add or cancel some courses.
※Students who missed to register for all courses in September should register during the above period.
※Master course students who entered in October 2022 should register during the above period.
※If you added the subjects during the above period, you should request the instructor by e-mail to add you on NUCT because it takes time to be reflected automatically. (Tell your student ID and your name.)
※Confirmation period (2nd round) starts on October 25 (Tue).
※To register other graduate schools' course etc., refer to the NEWS(Aug. 22 update).